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Kavallieri Rugby Football Club

(Rugby Malta)

Kavallieri Rugby Football Club, founded in 1991, played a significant role in the early development of rugby in Malta. At that time, the local league for rugby had just been established in 1990. As one of the pioneers of rugby in Malta, Kavallieri RFC has been a prominent force in the country’s rugby scene since its inception.

The word ‘Kavallieri’ in Maltese refers to the brave knights who defended Malta with great perseverance during medieval times. This term carries the responsibility to respect and act in a similar manner. As a result, we have infused all of our activities with the renowned Kavallieri Spirit which represents a strong bond and a unique feeling that permeates the entire club environment, creating a truly special presence.

“Kavallieri Spirit – a bond, a feeling that gives the whole club environment a very special presence.”

The club has achieved notable success, won several national cups and secured eight championship league titles. Kavallieri RFC has produced numerous players who have earned significant caps for the national team, and it has also had several members serve as national team managers.

In addition to its achievements on the field, Kavallieri RFC has made important contributions off the field. The club was the first in Malta to establish a Ladies team in 2003, promoting gender inclusivity in the sport. It has also actively encouraged children and youth to participate in rugby, visiting schools to promote the sport and foster physical activity among students aged 5 to 16 years and takes pride in its strong ‘minis’ and youths’ teams, with many of its players representing Malta at the U18 level.

Kavallieri RFC has played a significant role in the growth and development of rugby in Malta, both through its on-field success and its efforts to promote the sport at various levels and take great pride in their achievements and enjoy sharing rugby experiences with their followers.

As members of the Malta Rugby Football Union, they are dedicated to contributing to the rugby scene in Malta.

 Thanks to a great team of volunteers that we have in the management and coaching, we are proud of where we stood before, today, and where we are heading.

Yours truly,

Tony Sammut

There’s much more to our club that we think you’ll enjoy discovering here.. We take great pride in our rich history and the numerous achievements we’ve attained over the years. Sharing our rugby journey—and more—with our followers is something we cherish deeply.

As a proud member of the Malta Rugby Football Union, we contribute actively to the Rugby Malta scene. You can learn more about the Malta Rugby Football Union here.