Kavallieri Grandmasters have been in heaven for 3 days and back. Yes the Kavallieri Grandmasters (Veterans team) have for the first time travelled abroad together and participated in the Flanders Open Rugby tournament in Belgium from the 6th to the 9th June 2019. The super organized tournament hosted around 100 teams that included seniors, ladies, social teams, vets and mixed ability teams.

The rugby and party atmosphere was just out of this world, well from the little that we remember ?. Kavallieri RFC placed 5th in the Vets Group, 6th in Fair Play, and 28th Overall out of 102 teams. Not bad for the first time!

One of the highlights was playing against ex- All Blacks/Samoa/European legends (Brian’s Baabas Team), just wow!

Fantastic memories!! Bags and permits are already done for 2020.