Date: 20/07/2022

Venue – Online Link

Members Present:

Brian Miller, Tony Sammut, Vittorio Caffarati, Charles Pace, Jean Pierre Zammit, Brenton Miller, Sean Doublesin, Glenn Doublesin, Patrice Debiere, Myra Bonello, Lucy Darmanin, David Mc Donald, Branton Bonello, Amine Chabbar, David Namusasi, Jethro Zammit Randich, Geoffrey Tanti, Kelsey Bugeja, Prisca, Ettiene Galea, Anna Saliba

Members Excused:
Tesmarie Busuttil, Joseph Cutajar

President’s Report
Mr Brian Miller welcomed all the members present for the current AGM. Mr Miller pointed out that the ended the year in a healthy financial situation which will facilitate to project a suitable budget for the next season. The financial accounts will be explained by the outgoing Treasurer, Vittorio Caffarati.

The club is presently hoping to secure the present sponsors. The biggest doubt is to be about the sponsorship coming from Bridgepoint since Brain will be leaving Camray (Bridgepoint’s mother company) at the end of August. We will be trying to use third persons to help secure the said sponsors once again. At the moment there are talks with two other possible sponsors:

1. Company within the Financial Sector – (talks ongoing)
2. Intersport (Hudson Ltd) – kits, youths, ladies, seniors and the coaches

The team might have a new kit for season 2022-23.
Mr Vittorio Caffarati stepped down from the position of financial while Mr David Namusasi was nominated to step in for that position.

Mr Joseph Cutajar is being nominated to be represent the club at MRFU level without having executive powers. Mr. Cutajar will be also part of the Events organizing committee together with Charles Pace and other persons.

Currently we are working on the 3 sectors in order to be strengthen and see more players in the national team.

Mr Brian Miller also spoke to Mr Robert Portelli due to his nomination as president of the MRFU. Mr Miller informed him that he will be asking the following questions in the AGM
1. How will he proceed to be sure that he is not biased towards his former club, that is Falcons RFC ?
2. What are the plans for the MRFU when the contract Falcons have on pitch 3 expires?
3. What is the status of the Union’s Clubs memberships, who paid and who did not, and what plans should we expect?

General Secretary Report
The report is composed mainly by the reports from the coaches. During the season we received the sled machine but we are still waiting for the grant from SportMalta due to required additional documents.

Male Senior Coach Report – Sean Doublesin

We have achieved the goals set in the beginning of the season. The major goals were to have to a very good bonded team, to play proactive rugby, and being more competitive in all competitions. We came short to win the league but we managed to secure the trophy of the 7s tournament. With respect to training, in the beginning of the season, we had good turnout and there was huge respect and character. After Christmas the turnout for training started to decline and effected the game results.
The number of players per game was good and each position was covered by more than 1 player. Our front row is a bit light and will be working to compensate for such matter. We will be using the scrum machine for sure.

Training sessions will be held on Tuesday and Thursday 1830 to 1930 youths. Seniors will be starting at 19:00 to help with the youths and then sessions will be from 1930 to 2100.

Rugby Camp is booked for 30th September 2022 to 2nd October 2022. There is a registration pending to attend to Flanders in May 2023. This could be an idea for the tour.

Players’ meeting will be announced within the next couple of weeks. It will be healthy that the work do not fall over the same persons. Mr Doublesin asked Charles and other persons to help out in the collection of memberships.

Mr Pace mentioned in order to organise a structure to have the membership collections a bit smoother.

Female Seniors Coach – Glenn Doublesin

Unfortunately, the season was haphazard and did not help much. In terms of training, team bonding and other factors, probably this was one of the best for ages. The team grown and their continuous support between them. Everyone is putting in their input. Last year the club employed a sprint coach Tiziana Zammit. The objective is to fix running technique of the players.
Our main focus is to build a fix starting game which is helps in building a proper routine. There is a new addition to the team who is Angelina. The team wants definitely to go on tour this season. The plan for the incoming season is to use as much as possible pitch 4 to improve our tackling technique. Otherwise a tackle mat could be an alternative.

Youth Sector – Patrice Debiere

This year was quite interesting because we returned after long periods of not training due to covid. The numbers were encouraging. The target was to start going back to the game. There were coaches in every sector of the youths and minis. If training of the ladies will occur in Marsa there might be problem with the ladies coaches to go from place to another.

During the season, the numbers increase throughout the season. The coaches did a great jo. Last week there was a training camp of Bellia and our kids played really good games against experienced players. There is a plan to go on tour during the last week of October first week November.

Most of the coaches will continue but we need to increase the number of coaches. This year the coaches had a lot of communication between them especially when finding replacement.

The idea of the tours will be discussed

Events – Charles Pace

This is a challenging area especially when chasing people and get numbers. Charles suggested that we have a representative from each sector without involving the coaches directly. There will be a schedule of Events indicating with the month when the event will be. The involvement of the parents will be a must. A different approach is to be used depending on the type of event that is either for the whole club or for a particular sector. There will be the help from Sean’s wife by using her expertise in creating event.

Financial Report – Vittorio Caffarati

Mr Caffarati presented the financial report. The presentation shows the financial situation of the club which is healthy at the moment.

Amendments for the statute

No amendments were received

Planning for Season 2022-23
This will be discussed in a separate meeting with all the stakeholders in the incoming weeks.

Election of Treasurer

Mr David Namusasi was the only person who was nominated for such post and he was confirmed unanimously by the members present.

Arising Matters
Myra Bonello – Women proposed to start training 18:30. How this will effect the others.
The women can start at 19:30 if training at Santa Lucija and the men will be starting at 19:00 only to help with the youths.

Myra Bonello – No Merchandise received for the membership fee for Season 2021-22.
This will be rectified in the next months. On the other hand Discount at the Physio were given to the members. Eeetwell discount was sent to all the paid members.
Myra Bonello – National team – There are discussions to make an agreement with all the players to meet certain criteria to be considered for the national team.

The head coach will be discussing such issue with the national coach.
Sean Doublesin – There is a problem with other clubs that are poaching our players especially the youths ones and try to convince them to play for them. We have no problem in helping other clubs but it is not accepted to poach our players. One solution can be contacts or agreements to the players.

The meeting was adjourned at 20:00

Brian Miller                                  Tony Sammut

President                                      General Secretary